Wilcox, Ella Wheeler (1855 – 1919)

5 November 1855 – 30 October 1919

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Photographer: Unknown Date: Occasion: book frontispiece Source: Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. Custer and Other Poems. Chicago: W. B. Conkey, 1896. Permissions: public domain
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Pertinent Archives:

University of California, Berkeley, The Bancroft Library, Manuscripts Division (letters of Wilcox relating to her books and poems) (http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LHRD/msscat.html)
The Huntington Library (correspondence with George Sterling) (http://www.huntington.org/)
Library of Congress, Manuscript Division (information on sittings with Wilcox by sculptor Adelaide Johnson) (http://www.loc.gov/rr/mss/)
University of Georgia, Special Collections (miscellaneous items under the Von Meysenbug Papers) (http://www.libs.uga.edu/special_collections/index.shtml)
Chicago Public Library, Special Collections (an autographed poem from 1882 in the Edward H. Weiss Papers) (http://www.chipublib.org/branch/details/library/harold-washington/p/Spc/)
Northwestern University Library, Special Collections (manuscript of the poem “I Didn’t Think”) (http://www.library.northwestern.edu/collections/special_distinctive.html)
Iowa State Historical Department, Division of Historical Museum and Archives, Historical Library (miscellaneous papers under the A. C. E. Shonemann Papers) (http://www.iowahistory.org/)
Schlesinger Library (letter and photo) (http://www.radcliffe.edu/schles/)
University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library, Michigan Historical Collections (correspondence with Angela Morgan) (http://bentley.umich.edu/mhchome/index.php)
Barnard College Library (correspondence and manuscripts under the Bertha [Van Riper] Overbury Papers) (http://www.barnard.columbia.edu/library/)
New-York Historical Society (correspondence with Fannie Edgar Thomas) (https://www.nyhistory.org/web/)
The New York Public Library, Manuscripts and Archives (correspondence with Elizabeth Garver Jordan) (http://www.nypl.org)
University of Texas at Austin, Humanities Research Center (correspondence; poem fragments; manuscripts of essays “As Seen by Herself” and “Do Men Like Flirts?”; manuscripts of “The Day We Can Celebrate,” “Solitude,” and other poems; and page proofs of her essay “Women of No Tact”) (http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/)
Brigham Young University Library, Division of Archives and Manuscripts (correspondence, a photo, and clippings) (http://lib.byu.edu/sites/sc/)
Middlebury College, Abernethy Collection of American Literature (miscellaneous papers)
State Historical Society of Wisconsin (signed poems under the Ella [Giles] Ruddy Papers; letters, primarily to her brother) (http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lis/about/library_info/special_collections/collections/abernethy/)

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