Dodge, Mary Abigail (Gail Hamilton) (1833 – 1896)

Dodge, Mary Abigail (Gail Hamilton)

31 March 1833 – 17 August 1896

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Pertinent Archives:

Library of Congress, Manuscript Division (correspondence, clippings of articles for The Congregationalist, and a photo; correspondence under the Reid Family papers; a letter under the Helen Hopekirk Wilson papers) (

Schlesinger Library (letters) (

Dukes County Historical Society (letters from family, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edward N. Kirk, Charles and Lida Nordhoff, Sophia Hawthorne, and Rose and Una Hawthorne) (

Essex Institute (correspondence, prose, poetry, notebooks, clippings, and other items) (

American Antiquarian Society (correspondence under the Bolton and Stanwood Family papers) (

Central Michigan University, Clarke Historical Library (correspondence with John Greenleaf Whittier) (

Legacy References:

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