Parton, Sara Payson Willis (Fanny Fern) (1811-1872)

Parton, Sara Payson Willis (Fanny Fern)

9 July 1811 – 10 Oct. 1872

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Pertinent Archives:

American Antiquarian Society (files of Olive Branch (1851-53), files of True Flag (1851-53)) (

New York Public Library (articles from New York Musical World and Times (1852-53)) (

Philadelphia Public Library (articles from Saturday Evening Post (1853-54)) (

Smith College, Sophia Smith Collection (correspondence, memorandum book, legal and business papers, descriptive bibliography of her articles, family sketches, daguerreotypes, photos, biographical studies, a school album, clippings, and articles she wrote for the New York Ledger from 1855 to 1872) (

Trinity College, Watkinson Library (articles from New York Ledger (1855-72)) (

Westbrook College (correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, photos, memorabilia, and books of women including Fern) (

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