Blake, Lillie Devereux (1833 – 1913)

Blake, Lillie Devereux

1833 – 1913

Image Information:

Photographer: F. Girsch
Date: c. 1882
Source: Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University

Notice: Image is shown by permission of source. To use this image in your project, please contact the indicated source. Do not cite this page as the origin of this image.

Pertinent Archives:

California Historical Society (copies of correspondence regarding suffrage in California) (

Cornell University, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives (correspondence with Florence Woolsey Hazzard and Emily Howland) (

Missouri Historical Society (correspondence, journals, speeches, autobiography for 1873-1903, scrapbook on women’s rights movement, brochures, handbills) (

Smith College, Sophia Smith Collection (papers of Lillie and her daughter; correspondence, addresses, articles, scrapbook of women’s status from 1871-1875, clippings on women’s rights, copy of The Fables [1879]) (

University of Rochester Library (letters to Susan Brownell Anthony and Rachel Foster Avery) (

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