Wood, Sally Sayward Barrell Keating (1759 -1854)

1 Oct. 1759 – 6 Jan. 1854

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Pertinent Archives:

Lyle H. Wright’s American Fiction. 1774-1850: A Contribution Toward a Bibliography lists the location of original copies of Wood’s novels
“Madam Wood’s Recollections” by Hilda Fife (reprinted letters)
Maine Historical Society Library (mss copy of “War, the Parent of Domestic Calamity: A Tale of the Revolution” and a photo of Wood) (http://www.mainehistory.org/library_overview.shtml)
Maine State Library, Augusta (several handwritten copies of letters from Wood) (http://maine.gov/msl/)
New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston (several handwritten copies of letters from Wood) (http://www.newenglandancestors.org/)
University of New England, Maine Women Writers Collection (daguerreotype of Wood, copies of obituaries, ads for several of her books) (http://www.une.edu/mwwc/)

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