Gale, Zona (1874 – 1938)

Gale, Zona

26 August 1874 – 27 December 1938

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Pertinent Archives:

Chicago Historical Society (miscellaneous papers and correspondence) (

Chicago Public Library, Special Collections (autographed sentiment to Edward H. Weiss) (

Newberry Library (correspondence with Alice Gerstenberg and Edith Franklin Wyatt) (

University of Illinois at Chicago Circle Library, Manuscript Collection (papers of the Society of Midland Authors, of which Gale was a member) (

Schlesinger Library (miscellaneous material under the Bella Clara Landauer papers) (

Minnesota Historical Society, Archives and Manuscripts (correspondence with Miriam Eliza Carey, James Gray and Family, and Howard Yolen Graves; biographical data under the Quetico-Superior Council papers) (

Barnard College Library (correspondence and manuscripts in the Bertha [Van Riper] Overbury papers) (

The New York Public Library, Manuscripts and Archives (correspondence with Alfred A. Knopf and Mabel R. Putnam; letters under the National Woman’s Party papers) (

State Historical Society of Wisconsin (correspondence, manuscripts, poems and writers of her mother, genealogical material, and miscellaneous papers; correspondence with the Wisconsin Woman’s Suffrage Association) (



Legacy References:


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