Dall, Caroline Healey (1822 – 1912)

dallDall, Caroline Healey

22 June 1822 – 17 December 1912

Image Information:

Photographer: Frederick Gutekunst
Date: about 1872
Source: The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University
Link: http://www.radcliffe.edu/schles/

Notice: Image is shown by permission of source. To use this image in your project, please contact the indicated source. Do not cite this page as the origin of this image.

Pertinent Archives:

Fruitlands Museums (single letter to George Willis Cooke) (http://www.fruitlands.org/)

Schlesinger Library (correspondence from John Patton of Toronto, notebooks, scrapbooks of obituaries, a poem, printed articles; letter from Abigail B. Francis to Dall on Lydia Maria Child’s death and funeral) (http://www.radcliffe.edu/schles/)

Smithsonian Institution Archives (correspondence, reminiscences, financial papers, and biographical items relating to Dall) (http://siarchives.si.edu/)

Legacy References:

Deese, Helen R. “A New England Women’s Network: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Caroline Healey Dall, and Delia S. Bacon.”Legacy 8.2 (1991): 77-91.

Harris, Sharon M. “Review of ed. Helen R. Deese’s Daughter of Boston: The Extraordinary Diary of a Nineteenth-Century Woman, Caroline Healey Dall.” Legacy 24.1 (2007): 133-35. [LION]

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