2009 Legacy Best Paper Contest

The Legacy editorial collective is happy to announce the results of the Legacy SSAWW 2009 Best Paper Contest, acknowledging the strongest papers presented at the SSAWW Conference in Philadelphia in 2009.

Laura Korobkin, “Imagining State and Federal Law in Pauline Hopkins’s Contending Forces

Nicole Livengood, “Antislavery Discourse and Scientific Racism in Julia Ward Howe’s The Hermaphrodite
Joycelyn Moody, “Mentor, Collaborator, Friend, or Foe? Functions of Friendship in Antebellum Women Interracial Writing Collaborations”
Jennifer Putzi, “(Re)Proving Female Authorship: Elizabeth Akers Allen and the ‘Rock Me to Sleep’ Controversy”
Karyn Valerius, “To Worship Beauty: Paternal Impressions in Harriet Prescott Spofford’s ‘The Amber Gods'”
Andrea Williams, “Black Labor and the Sentimentalized Southern Economy in Katherine Tillman’s Clancy Street”

Patrick Gleason, “Sarah Orne Jewett’s ‘The Foreigner’ and the Transamerican Routes of New England Regionalism”

Amy Bennett-Zendzian, “‘Such beautiful dreams is the real part o’ life’: Imaginary Friendships in the Writing of Sarah Orne Jewett”
Mary Kathleen Eyring, “‘The Poor Must Have a Living’: Sarah J. Hale and the Business of Charity”
Lisa Olsen Tait, “‘Suggestions’ to the Girls Regarding Marriage: Fiction and Monogamy in 1890s Mormondom”
Caroline Wigginton, “A ‘Union of the Soul’: Friendship, Piety, and Politics in Milcah Martha Moore’s Book”
Rita Williams, “Julia Ward Howe’s A Trip to Cuba: Troubling the Borders of Region and Nation”

Winners and finalists were selected from a very large pool of submissions (29 papers were submitted in the general category, and 25 in the student category) and were judged by Legacy Board members and editors.  (Those judges who had personal connections with contestants recused themselves from this process as necessary.) Expanded versions of the two winning papers will soon be published in Legacy.

Contest results may soon be viewed on the on the Legacy website at http://legacy.ucsd.edu and on SSAWW venues as well.

These papers represent some of the best work being done in the field, and we heartily congratulate those listed here.  We thank all those who
submitted for participating in the process.

–Jennifer Tuttle, Legacy

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