Welcome to Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers

Current News:

Legacy announces the departure of Theresa Strouth Gaul as coeditor, a change made necessary by a workload increase at her home institution. Theresa has served the journal in this capacity for 8 years–that’s 16 issues!–which means that she has edited at least 50 essays, working closely and meticulously with authors on their scholarship. Her vision, rigor, and creativity have inspired all of us to be better editors, writers, and scholars. She has left an indelible mark on Legacy and on those of us who had the privilege of working with her. On behalf of the entire Legacy staff, I thank Theresa for her service. She will be greatly missed.

Policy Changes Make More Work Eligible for Submission

The University of Nebraska Press, which publishes Legacy, has recently modified its stance on what constitutes previously published work. It is now acceptable for authors to submit work to the journal that is based on a conference paper posted online, work that has appeared online as part of a working paper series (that is, an unrefereed manuscript version of the article), or work of this nature that has been posted in required university repositories.

However, we still are not able to consider previously published work that has simply been repurposed or any kind of work for which the author has transferred copyright through a publication agreement or its legal equivalent. We understand that authors want—and indeed are sometimes required—to share their scholarship in the ways listed above, and we hope that the relaxed policy will make it easier for them to submit their work to Legacy.

Other Legacy news:

Dingbat tiny Issue 32, number 2 is now available.  Please check out the contents under the “Current Issue” tab and find the full issue on Project Muse.

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We have nearly completed the process of migrating content from the Portrait Gallery on our old website.  We appreciate your patience while our student intern, Shannon Cardinal, engages in this work.

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