Woolson, Constance Fenimore (1840 -1894)

5 March 1840 – 24 Jan. 1894

Image Information:

Photographer: Unknown Date: Occasion: placed near select chapters of Woolson’s East Angels printed in Harper’s Source: “CONSTANCE FENIMORE WOOLSON.” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 72.430 (March 1886): 559. Permissions: public domain
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Pertinent Archives:

Minnesota Historical Society, Archives and Manuscripts (correspondence with William Crowell Edgar and Family) (http://www.mnhs.org/collections/)
Trinity College, Watkinson Library (letters from Charles Dudley Warner) (http://library.trincoll.edu/research/watk/)
Western Reserve Historical Society (letters to Samuel Mather and Family) (http://www.wrhs.org/)

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