Addams, Jane (1860-1935)

6 September 1860 – 21 May 1935

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Pertinent Archives:

University of California, Berkeley, The Bancroft Library, Manuscripts Division (correspondence with Phoebe [Apperson] Hearst, Anne Henrietta Martin, Thomas Joseph Mooney, and Chester Harvey Rowell) (

University of California, Berkeley, The Bancroft Library, University Archives (correspondence under Presidential papers) (

University of California, San Diego, Mandeville Special Collections (1909 letter from May Morris to Luther A. Brewer of the Torch Press mentioning Addams) (

The Huntington Library (letters to James Thomas Fields) (

Stanford University, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace (correspondence with David Starr Jordan) (

Stanford University Libraries, Manuscripts Division (correspondence under Noted Women) (

University of Colorado Libraries, Western Historical Collections (correspondence with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom) (

Library of Congress, Manuscript Division (correspondence with Ray Stannard Baker, Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge, Pauline Dorothea Goldmark, Benjamin W. Huebsch, Belle La Follette, the League of Women Voters of the United States, Benjamin Barr Lindsey, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the National Women’s Trade Union League, and Mary Terrell) (

University of Florida Libraries, Rare Books and Manuscripts Department (correspondence with Margaret [Dreier] Robins) (

Atlanta University, Trevor Arnett Library, Negro Collection (correspondence under Atlanta University Archives and with the Neighborhood Union) (

Chicago Board of Education Library (information of Addams as member of the school board) (

Chicago Historical Society (miscellaneous materials under the Chicago Peace Society and The Cordon; correspondence with Anna Morgan and Madeleine Wallin Sikes; correspondence about Hull House and other items of Addams; materials under the Woman’s City Club of Chicago) (

Newberry Library (membership information for the Fortnightly; correspondence with Carter Henry Harrison, IV, Graham Taylor, and Edith Franklin Wyatt) (

University of Illinois at Chicago Circle Library, Manuscript Collection (personal papers, including correspondence, from 1866-1935; travel diaries 1883-1885, 1923, 1925; a weight record book 1922-1935; speeches and writings, including annotated manuscripts; school essays and papers from Rockford College; legal and financial documents relating to property, inheritances, and guardianship; family papers; awards; portraits; artifacts; correspondence and published items about Addams, Hull-House, Jane Addams’s Centennial in 1960, social welfare organizations in Chicago, national and international social welfare, peace, and women’s organizations; other information filed under the Russell Ward Ballard papers, Alma Birmingham papers, A Century of Progress International Exposition, the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago, Hazel E. Foster papers [information on the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom’s celebration fo the Addams Centennial], Haldeman-Julius Family papers [correspondence and legal and financial papers, 1844-1919], the Hull and Culver papers [correspondence], the Hull-House Association papers, the Illinois Children’s Home and Aid Society papers [correspondence], the Immigrants’ Protective League papers, the Institute for Sex Education papers, the Esther [Loeb] Kohn papers [correspondence and other items concerning Addams], the Hilda [Satt] Polacheck papers [correspondence and Polacheck’s autobiography including information on Addams], the Eleanor Smith papers [correspondence and speeches concerning Addams], the Louise Hulbert Smith papers [Addams family papers, including letters to Addams from her stepbrother George Bowman and sisters Sarah Alice (Addams) Halderman and Mary Catherine (Addams) Linn], the Society of Midland Authors papers, the Irwin St. John Tucker papers, the Women’s City Club of Chicago papers, and the Women’s Trade Union of Chicago papers) (

National College of Education, Harris Library (correspondence with Elizabeth Letcher Harrison) (

Northwestern University Library, Special Collections (letters to Miss Hinterminster under Notable Women collection) (

Illinois Sate University Archives (correspondence with June Rose Colby) (

Rockford College Library (miscellaneous papers of Addams and fifty-eight pages of clippings on Addams from 1930-1968) (

Illinois State Historical Library (correspondence, the originals of which are part of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection) (

Indiana University, Lilly Library (correspondence with Sarah Alice [Addams] Haldeman) (

Iowa State Historical Department, Division of Historical Museum and Archives, Historical Library (letters, photos, cards, and programs of women including Addams) (

State Historical Society of Iowa (letter Addams wrote for the dedication of Boyd Hall under Neva Boyd’s papers in the Women’s Biographies and Reminiscences collection) (

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library (correspondence with Herbert Hoover; a file on Addams) (

Kansas State College of Pittsburg Library (correspondence with the Haldeman-Julius Family) (

University of Massachusetts Library (correspondence with W. E. B. Du Bois) (

Schlesinger Library (correspondence with John Graham Brooks, Ethel [Sturges] Dummer, Charlotte [Perkins] [Stetson] Gilman, the Goldmark Family, and Eva [Whiting] White; talks and interviews on Addams for the “Woman’s Radio Review” by Nancy [Cox] McCormack Cushman; matieral under the Bella Clara Landauer papers; writings under the Woman’s Rights Collection [Grace A. Johnson] papers) (

Smith College, Sophia Smith Collection (letters to friends; typescripts of addresses, 1912-1933; photos; biographical notices; obituaries; reprints; WILPF records; and Hull House records, including reports for 1903-1933, yearbooks, programs, articles, clippings, and publications; statements and reports by Addams on Helen [Tufts] Bailie under Bailie’s papers; materials under the Nancy [Cox] McCormack Cushman papers relating to Cushman’s sculpture of Addams; correspondence under the Madeleine Zabriskie Doty papers; correspondence under the Ethel Eyre [Valentine] Dreier papers; brochures under the National American Woman Suffrage Association papers; and correspondence under the Ellen Gates Starr papers) (

University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library, Michigan Historical Collections (correspondence with Alde L. T. Blake, Emma Augusta [Stowell] Fox, the Gelston Family, Angela Morgan, Rebecca Shelley, and Lucretia Willard Treat) (

Wayne State University, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs (correspondence with Mary Marvin [Heaton] Vorse) (

University of Minnesota, Social Welfare History Archives (correspondence with Helen Hall, Paul Underwood Kellogg, Albert Joseph Kennedy, and with Survey Associates, Inc.; and papers under the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers papers) (

Minnesota Historical Society, Archives and Manuscripts (reminiscences of Addams and Hull House by Beatrice Russel Lovett; biographical information about Addams in the Questico-Superior Council papers; and correspondence with Howard Yolen Williams) (

Minnesota Historical Society, Audio-Visual Library (a 1954 speech by Maud C. Stockwell, organizer of the Minnesota WILPF, concerning Addams and the League) (

Sarah Lawrence College Archives (material on Addams and the WILPF) (

Cornell University, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives (correspondence with Richard Henry Edward and family) (

Cornell University, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Labor-Management Documentation Center (miscellaneous material) (

Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library (letter to Florence Kelley under the Kelley Family papers; and correspondence with Marie [Mattingly] Meloney) (

The New York Public Library, Manuscripts and Archives (correspondence with the International Committee for Political Prisoners and Nicholas Kelley) (

American Jewish Archives (correspondence with Setty S. Kuhn) (

Swarthmore College, Friends Historical Library (correspondence of Lucy Biddle Lewis about Addams in the Biddle papers) (

Swarthmore College Peace Collection (correspondence with Benjamin Franklin Trueblood under the American Peace Society papers and with Emily Greene Balch, Anna Melissa Graves, and Hannah [Clothier] Hull; notes on Addams by Ellen Starr Brinton; records under the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom about the WILPF and the Women’s Peace Party) (

State Historical Society of Wisconsin (correspondence, lectures, addresses, and programs microfilmed from the Cyrus H. McCormick Collection; and correspondence with Julia Grace Wales) (

Legacy References:

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