Sigourney, Lydia Howard Huntley (1791 -1865)

1 September 1791 – 10 June 1865




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Photographer: Burt F. Alexander Date: about 1828 Occasion: Source: The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University Permissions:
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Pertinent Archives:

Boston Public Library (manuscript poems, correspondence, letters to Edgar Allan Poe) (
Chicago Historical Society (correspondence and misc. published and unpublished writings of women including Sigourney) (
Chicago Public Library, Special Collections (letter to Mrs. Salter and an engraving of Sigourney by H. Adlord) ( Connecticut Historical Society (ca. 400 letters, poems, drafts of essays, memoranda, scrapbook, and other documents to and from Sigourney) (
Connecticut State Library, Archives, History, and Genealogy Unit (correspondence, poems, and a hymn) (
The Huntington Library (correspondence and verse) (
Middlebury College, Abernethy Collection of American Literature (correspondence and drafts of women including Sigourney) (
New Haven Colony Historical Society (research notes of Mary Cornwall Hewitt Mitchell on Sigourney) (
New York Historical Society (correspondence with Anne Charlotte Lynch Botta and publishers Carey and Hart, a volume of manuscript prose and poetry) (
The New York Public Library, Manuscripts and Archives (correspondence with Robert Bonner, William Cullen Bryant, Parke Godwin, and Theodore Dwight, Jr.) (
Schlesinger Library (correspondence) (
Smith College, Neilson Library, Rare Book Room (letters and/or literary manuscripts) (
Stanford University Libraries, Manuscripts Division (1884 poem) (
Trinity College, Watkinson Library (correspondence, manuscript of the school textbook she wrote, manuscript and printed poetry, photos and daguerreotypes, clippings, memorabilia, and other material) (
University of California, Berkeley, The Bancroft Library, Manuscripts Division (letters to Louisa Caroline Huggins Tuthill and Cornelius Tuthill) (
Wilkes College Library (a letter to Mr. Butler of Wyoming) (

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