Austin, Mary (1868-1934)

9 September 1868 – 13 August 1934

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Source: NYPL Digital Gallery, The New York Public Library

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Pertinent Archives:

Barnard College Library (correspondence and manuscripts) (

California Historical Society (letter from Austin to William Kibler regarding her withdrawal from the Western Drama Society, written in Wickiup (Austin’s residence in Carmel, CA; correspondence with Anne Henrietta Martin)) (

California State University, Chico, Library (scrapbook of Mary M. Osborn containing clippings about Austin) (

Columbia University, Rare Books and Manuscript Library (letters to Eleanor [Robson] Belmont and Ira and Ina Hards) (

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library (correspondence with Herbert Hoover) (

The Huntington Library (research notes and writing regarding the Indians of the Southwest and Spanish settlers; personal and literary papers and correspondence documenting her interest in the suffrage and birth control movements, socialism, and other topics; correspondence from Gertrude Franklin [Horn] Atherton; letters to Elwyn Irving Hoffman; letters to Charles Augustus Keeler) (

Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Collection of Markhamiana (correspondence with Edwin Markham) (

Mills College Library, Manuscript Collections (letters from Austin to Albert M. Bender and manuscript of Taos Pueblo) (

Museum of New Mexico (photos of Austin) (

Oakland Public Library (correspondence of Austin, 1912-1916) (

Stanford University Libraries, Manuscripts Division (letters to Anne Hadden) (

University of California, Berkeley. The Bancroft Library, Manuscripts Division (correspondence including letters to Henry Nash Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cassidy, a copy of her play Fire, articles about her, and publicity material) (

University of California, Los Angeles, University Research Library, Department of Special Collections (correspondence, manuscripts, articles, clippings, and ephemera by and about Austin) (

University of New Mexico General Library, Special Collections (correspondence, manuscripts, articles, book reviews, photos, paintings, and books of Austin) (

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