Portrait Gallery

Portraits of American Women Writers

This gallery contains two kinds of portraits: Images of American women writers who have been the subject of past Legacy essays, reprints, or profiles, and primary bibliographic information about those writers.Here we have taken care to collect and display only those images whose rights owners have granted us permission to do so, either gratis, or for a small fee. We have not included images still under copyright protection. Consistent with Legacy’s interest in archival research, we have gathered for each author a list of relevant archives (with electronic links to each) where scholars may consult that author’s papers.

We will continue to expand the number of writers featured here. We invite you to help us expand this resource by submitting information about and/or images of American women writers. Our chronological scope matches that of the journal (from early America to the mid-twentieth century).

Aware that images of early American women writers are often not available, we will welcome your suggestions about other types of relevant images we might include on these pages.

Please note that we are still in the process of migrating Gallery data from our old website, so that some of the names below will be temporarily unavailable.

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