Hale, Sarah Josepha (1788 – 1879)

Hale, Sarah Josepha

24 October 1788 – 30 April 1879

haleImage Information:

Photographer: John Chester Buttre
Date: about 1850
Source: The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University
Permissions: http://www.radcliffe.edu/schles/

Notice: Image is shown by permission of source. To use this image in your project, please contact the indicated source. Do not cite this page as the origin of this image.

Pertinent Archives:

Burlington Public Library (autograph signatures and letters) (http://burlingtonpubliclibrary.org/)

Chicago Historical Society (correspondence and miscellaneous writings) (http://www.chicagohistory.org/)

Chicago Public Library, Special Collections (letter to Robert R. Nunn) (http://www.chipublib.org/branch/details/library/harold-washington/p/Spc/)

The Huntington Library (correspondence) (http://www.huntington.org/)

Library of Congress, Manuscripts Division (correspondence, some pertaining to Abraham Lincoln) (http://www.loc.gov/rr/mss/)

Maryland Historical Society, Maryland Diocesan Archives (correspondence) (http://www.mdhs.org/museum/collections.html)

McLean County Historical Society (items by Mrs. F. W. Disbrow concerning Hale) (http://www.wrtc.com/vmerkel/McLeanCountyMuseum/)

North Carolina Division of Archives and History (letter) (http://www.history.ncdcr.gov/)

Schlesinger Library (correspondence) (http://www.radcliffe.edu/schles/)

University of Missouri Library, Western Historical Manuscripts Collection (survey and poll regarding Hale’s work) (http://whmc.umsystem.edu/)

University of New Hampshire Library, Special Collections (correspondence and manuscripts of women including Hale) (http://www.library.unh.edu/special/)

University of Rochester Library (correspondence with William Henry Seward) (http://www.lib.rochester.edu/)



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