Lazarus, Emma (1849-1887)

Lazarus, Emma

22 July 1849 – 19 November 1887

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Pertinent Archives:

American Jewish Historical Society (manuscript poetry and a scrapbook of clippings) (

Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library (correspondence) (

Iowa State Historical Department, Division of Historical Museum and Archives, Historical Library (autograph letters) (

Minnesota Historical Society, Archives and Manuscripts (correspondence with Ignatius Donnelly) (

Smith College, Sophia Smith Collection (biographical data, reviews, clippings, and articles on women including Lazarus) (

Legacy References:

Omer-Sherman, Ranen. “Emma Lazarus, Jewish American poetics, and the challenge of modernity.” Legacy 19.2 (2002): 170-91. [GW] [LION]