Foote, Mary Anna Hallock (1847 – 1938)

Foote, Mary Anna Hallockfoote

9 November 1847 – 25 June 1938

Image Information:

Date: about 1874
Source: The Huntington Library, San Marino CA

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Pertinent Archives:

Minnesota Historical Society, Archives and Manuscripts (correspondence with William Crowell Edgar and family) (

Stanford University Libraries, Manuscripts Division (letters to Helena deKay Gilder, Richard Gilder, and Edith Agnus; notes, illustrations, research material, and excerpts from works of Wallace Stegner on Foote) (

University of California, Berkeley, The Bancroft Library, Manuscripts Division (letters to friends and family) (

University of California, San Diego, Mandeville Department of Special Collections (letters) (



Legacy References:


Graulich, Melody. Legacy Profile: “Mary Hallock Foote, 1847-1938.” Legacy 3.2 (1986): 43-50.

Sorisio, Carolyn. “Review of ed. Karen L. Kilcup’s Soft Canons: American Women Writers and Masculine Tradition.” Legacy 17.2 (2000): 229. [GW] [LION]

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