Upcoming Issue

Volume 36, No. 2, 2018

Editor’s Note

Susan Tomlinson, University of Massachusetts Boston

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The Trials of a New England Coquette: Rockford and the Romantic History of Lillie Devereux Blake

Vera R. Foley, Gustavus Adolphus College

Turning Over Fresh Leaves: A Reconsideration of Fanny Fern’s Periodical Writing

Kevin McMullen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

H.D., Imagiste Synesthete

Allyson DeMaagd, West Virginia University

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From the Archives

Willa Cather in the Denver Times in 1915 and New Evidence of the Origins of The Professor’s House

Melissa J. Homestead, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Legacy Reprint

Profile of Fanny Fern (1985)

Joyce W. Warren

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Book reviews

The Many Captivities of Esther Wheelwright, by Ann M. Little, and In the Neighborhood: Women’s Publication in Early America, by Caroline Wigginton

Joanne van der Woude, University of Groningen

Archives of Labor: Working-Class Women and Literary Culture in the Antebellum United States, by Lori Merish

Andrew Lawson, Leeds Beckett University

Archives of Dispossession: Recovering the Testimonios of Mexican American Herederas, 1848-1960, by Karen R. Roybal

Díana Noreen Rivera, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

The Illustrated Slave: Empathy, Graphic Narrative, and the Visual Culture of the Transatlantic Abolition Movement, 1800-1852, by Martha J. Cutter

Marjorie Stone, Dalhousie University

Who Writes for Black Children? African American Children’s Literature before 1900, edited by Katharine Capshaw and Anna Mae Duane

William Gleason, Princeton University

Invisible Hosts: Performing the Nineteenth-Century Spirit Medium’s Autobiography, by Elizabeth Schleber Lowry

Laura Thiemann Scales, Stonehill College

Whispers of Cruel Wrongs: The Correspondence of Louisa Jacobs and Her Circle, 1879-1911, edited by Mary Maillard

Keith Green, Rutgers University-Camden

Bitter Tastes: Literary Naturalism and Early Cinema in American Women’s Writing, by Donna M. Campbell

Michael R. Mauritzen, Oakton Community College

Immigrant Girl, Radical Woman: A Memoir from the Early Twentieth Century, by Matilda Rabinowitz

Ashley Elizabeth Palmer, University of Tampa

The Subversive Art of Zelda Fitzgerald, by Deborah Pike

Catherine Keyser, University of South Carolina

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