Bates, Katharine Lee (1859-1929)

Bates, Katharine Lee

12 August 1859 – 28 March 1929


Image Information:

Date: about 1885
Source: Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University

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Pertinent Archives:

University of California, San Diego, Mandeville Department of Special Collections (letters to Amos Wells) (

Wellesley College Archives (correspondence, diaries, manuscripts of prose and poetry, scrapbooks, photos, and memorabilia; papers concerning her poem “America the Beautiful,” her teaching at Wellesley, and her prose and poetry) (

Legacy References:

Bates, Katharine Lee. Legacy Reprint: “For Katharine Coman’s Family and Innermost Circle of Friends. Not for Print nor in any way for General Circulation.” Legacy 23.1 (2005): 74-85.[MUSE] [LION]

Leopold, Ellen. “‘My Soul is Among Lions’: Katharine Lee Bates’s Account of the Illness and Death of Katharine Coman.” Legacy23.1 (2005): 60-73. [MUSE] [LION]

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